Path Network’s DNS Monitoring Tool

The Next Step in DNS Infrastructure Analysis

Instant, on-demand DNS infrastructure monitoring from Path will change the way businesses of all sizes stay abreast of this critical component of network health. Using powerful blockchain technology and a revolutionary business model, we are making a DNS monitoring tool that is more powerful, accessible, and versatile than ever before.

Path has created a self-sustaining ecosystem that not only delivers superior reporting and service, but does away with prohibitive pricing, inflexible choices, and physical limitations. Path will change the way companies invest in infrastructure, the way they optimize user experience, the way they monitor their network’s performance—Path will change everything.

Why Use Our DNS Monitoring Tool ?

Imagine being the first to know when your DNS servers aren’t functioning properly. Now imagine that plus the power of forensic reporting, efficient searches, and end-to-end record mapping.

That’s the power of Path’s DNS services, and it all comes backed by the power of our global network of monitoring nodes in one simple panel.

Path’s services allow your business to monitor and diagnose your DNS infrastructure, as well as analyze detailed reports to evaluate the performance of your service providers


Know Before Your Users

With instant reporting and rapid execution of services, Path ensures you’re the first to know when something is wrong. Any negative experience with your website degrades the user’s experience and could cost you a lifelong customer.


Rapid Reporting:

Traditional DNS service providers are confined to a few dozen data centers across the world. Path, on the other hand, is truly global. In the future, there could very well be MILLIONS of nodes capable of reporting back to you instantly.


The End of Prohibitive Software:

The current business model necessitates the purchase of infinitely complex software with limited capabilities. With the current model of choosing business plans, overly restrictive barriers to services keep your company from reaching its full potential. With Path, there are no plans, no software, no barriers. In short, your company’s potential is limitless.


Take a Load off:

Training and paying someone to monitor complex software and computer networks is time consuming and expensive. Using Path’s ecosystem of monitoring nodes allows you to save your resources for what really matters: your core services. Tapping into our network greatly increases your company’s efficiency and profitability.


Comprehensive Coverage:

You’ll never suffer fallout because your coverage was down. Path is a self-sustaining ecosystem of interconnected monitoring nodes with no central point of failure. Rather than geographically distributed central nodes dependent on a fragile network, our global network has built-in redundancy for greater resiliency.


Reap Real Business Benefits:

DNS services have shown to have positive correlations with business. From improved SEO to increased conversions rates, any bumps to your website’s performance will result in exponential gains.

What is the Path Network?

Path is redefining the internet intelligence service industry via blockchain technology and smart contracts. By transforming the spare bandwidth and computational power of any computer or smartphone into a node capable of carrying out various tasks, we are freeing the industry of its traditional restraints. No data centers, no physical locations, no software—no limits.

Instead of the traditional data center model, we are turning end-users into monitoring nodes. This interconnected global supernetwork will deliver superior services in record times at prices we once thought unimaginable. And it’s all a lot simpler than you think:

Smart Phones and Computers Become Monitoring Nodes

Anyone can download Path’s browser plugin or mobile application (Android or iOS) and transform their phone into a node. These programs are meant to run in the background and not disturb the operator’s daily activities. Once enabled, the programs allow the user to carry out tasks at their discretion. They choose how often they wish to run tasks and which ones.

Users Request Services

The Path Panel is the center of the entire network. It’s where users deposit PATH (explained later) and exchange our cryptocurrency for services. It’s also where data is aggregated. Users log in, deposit tokens, and then request services.

Nodes Carry out Tasks

From there, nodes are chosen to carry out the tasks based on a number of factors. Once their tasks are complete, they are rewarded in PATH.

The Data is Returned

As soon as the nodes carry out your DNS monitoring services, they return detailed analysis for your viewing. This is all accessible via the Path Panel.

Our cryptocurrency utility token is revolutionizing the internet intelligence industry by offering businesses a unique way of accessing and paying for services.

Path’s services come with advantages that traditional DNS software cannot compete with:

Unprecedented Global Coverage:

Some monitoring software companies advertise the benefits of 90+ locations around the world. Path may very well have millions in the near future.

End-to-End Visibility

There’s a good chance your current software has limited visibility due to its physical limitations. With Path, you can visualize your entire network right from the Path Panel.

Invaluable Insight

The sheer breadth of the Path network allows you to peer deeper into your network than ever before. The detailed analysis we return gives you an invaluable competitive advantage over rival companies using slower, more limited options.

Path’s DNS Service Features

This is by no means a comprehensive list. We have ambitious plans to expand services in the near future.

How Can Companies Access Path’s DNS Monitoring Tool?

The beauty of Path’s services is that there is no “software” needed, at least not in the traditional sense. You do not have to purchase a software plan or install anything. All you need is access to your Path Panel and some PATH.

PATH is the foundation of our entire network. Our cryptocurrency token is the currency with which users will pay for services and nodes will be rewarded for performing tasks.

Only a finite amount will be created as to not dilute the token’s value. With PATH, you can request anything from uptime monitoring services to synthetic interaction testing.

This system ensures that nodes are incentivized to carry out their tasks instantly. It also comes with several other built-in advantages.

Enter a New Era of Internet Intelligence Today

DNS monitoring services help companies offer the best possible user experience and identify costly issues before they become punitive. With the power of Path’s global network of monitoring nodes, our DNS monitoring tool is more powerful, accessible, and flexible than ever before.

If you’re ready to join the internet intelligence revolution, download the Path Panel and start trading PATH for monitoring services as soon as possible.

Path Network

The Complete Website and Network Performance Suite

Our goal at path is to create a truly global interconnected network of users capable of trading PATH for uptime and website or network performance monitoring services at any time without limitations. As part of our dedication to creating the world’s leading internet visibility network, Path offers a full suite of online service aside from DNS services. If your company is in need of a DNS monitoring tool, it is likely need of other services as well.

Members of the network can trade PATH for:

Uptime Monitoring:

Availability equals profitability in the modern world. Even a short time out and you risk lost profit and backlash. Path’s global network of monitoring nodes can automatically monitor your site’s uptime and instantly alert you when an issue arises. Our internal filtering system ensures you don’t waste time with false alarms. Use the data returned to you to outsmart competition in the future.

Performance Monitoring:

A one second delay in PageSpeed can result in thousands of lost profit. Modern users won’t accept anything less than seamless interaction with your site. Use Path’s network to instantly test page loading times and a number of other valuable metrics to gain insight into how users interact with your site.

Synthetic Interaction Testing:

The way users interact with your site affects your bottom line. Each microinteraction, whether it be a checkout or signup, causes major reverberations throughout your business. We can check to make sure that all of your interactions are running smoothly and return data that helps you optimize your business’ functionality.

DDoS Attack Monitoring:

A single DDoS attack can have major implications for your company. Gain outside perspective on your site’s performance during an attack and use the insight to protect your company in the future.

These are just a few of the services you may need in tandem with our DNS monitoring tool. A site’s health is only as strong as its weakest link. As Path grows, so will our list of services. We are fast approaching Phase 2 of our development with no signs of slowing down. Our ambitious team has already achieved every goal we have set forth, and with more money dedicated to internal development than the vast majority of our competitors, we will be more commercially viable in the coming months.