Become a Path Node Operator:
Earn PATH Tokens Right From Your iPhone

The Path Network is revolutionizing the internet uptime and performance monitoring industry via powerful blockchain technology and smart contracts. By turning end-users into individual nodes of an interconnected global super network, we are breaking the industry free of data center walls. Together, Path and the millions of nodes in our network will offer an unprecedented level of convenience, flexibility, and visibility to clients around the world at prices once thought impossible. Path performance monitoring is already changing the industry as we know it.

What is the Path
Monitoring Node for iOS?

The Path network is a complete reimagining of the current uptime and performance monitoring industries. We are redefining internet intelligence and visibility via blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Instead of a centralized network, we are a network of individually connected nodes that is available on-demand to carry out tasks instantly, transparently, and in an non-intrusive manner.

At the center of this network are our monitoring nodes for iOS, web browser plugin, and Android application.

Depending on your device, each one allows you to tap into the system whether to request services or to earn PATH tokens by carrying out various tasks. As soon as you download the client, you will then have the ability to earn money just by allowing Path to use your excess bandwidth (you may toggle it on or off at any time).

We Put the User in Control

Path is unlike any mobile app you’ve encountered before. Our values of transparency and versatility allow you to carry out tasks without it even being known to you. The entire process from start to finish is carried out automatically, instantly, and with no effect on your computational power, browsing, or other activities.


Blockchain technology ensures that each transaction is 100% transparent. Anyone can verify the blockchain. Unlike datacenters hidden behind walls and corporate structure, Path Network is open and honest.

You control everything

As soon as our iOS client is launched, you will have the ability to completely control how it runs on your phone. You may toggle the app on and off or choose which tasks you’d like to complete (as well as how often). You can even set it to run automatically in the background.

The Next Path Milestone:
Our monitoring node for iOS

The only thing larger than the potential of the Path Network itself is our will to complete the goals we’ve set for ourselves. Our ambitious plans have catapulted development from just a fragile idea to an industry-revolutionizing global network.

With 30% of funds dedicated to internal development, new and exciting expansion is visible on the horizon. While currently, end-users only have the option of a browser plugin or Android mobile application, our iOS app is just around the corner.

Phase 2 is set for completion midway through this year.

Phase 2: Finalization

The goal of Phase 2 of our internal development is to ensure that Path is commercially viable. By this time, anyone in possession of PATH tokens will be able to request services seamlessly via the Path Panel and Path nodes around the world will instantly complete tasks.

Our expansion goals for this phase include:

The development
of our iOS application

Chrome Sockets

Additional performance
monitoring features

As well as other powerful and exciting developments.

How Does the Path Network Function?

Path is changing the internet visibility business by providing clients instant access to monitoring services using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Our end-user business model and powerful technology allow us to provide unprecedented insight into how the internet functions.

Here’s how it works:

Path Monitoring Nodes:

Any device with spare bandwidth or computational power may download our browser plugin, Android mobile application, or, eventually, our mobile application for iOS. When you run this software in the background, it gives us permission to use your device to carry out monitoring tasks of varying complexity.

Clients Request Services

The application allows each client to log into their Path Panel and request services. First, they must either have PATH tokens or deposit into their account. From there, they request services and nodes are chosen based on a number of factors.

Nodes Carry Out Tasks

Once each node carries out its task, it’s then rewarded with PATH tokens. Tokens are paid out in blocks after each 250,000th task. This is to ensure transaction fees do not become overly punitive.

The Client’s Information is Returned

The client then receives their data within the software for analysis.

For such complex technology, the concept is rather simple.

Our Team

The team in charge of creating the Path Network is a combination of blockchain, cybersecurity, business, and marketing experts. Each one’s specific expertise is designed to fill a specific role to complete a comprehensive and knowledgeable team with a focus on achieving the ambitious goals we set for ourselves.

From our CEO and marketing managers to our security, marketing, and token ambassadors, we have a complete group that shares the Path vision. This team in tandem with our expert developers strives daily to meet the goals we’ve set out in our phases of development.

Our monitoring node for iOS is set for launch shortly. Once it goes live, it will help revolutionize the way the internet visibility industry operates. What was once an industry closed off and hidden away will be an open, versatile, and flexible network of end-users carrying out tasks on-demand for prices once thought impossible.

Our Goal

Path’s goal is simple: to create a worldwide network of nodes at the end-user level that will change the way the internet performance monitoring industry functions. In the future, we hope to have millions of individual nodes with each one carrying out a range of tasks on-demand. By putting the power in the end-user's hands, we eliminate the middleman and put the rewards right where they belong: with the clent and the node.

The online uptime and performance industry will never be the same. Are you ready to join the Path revolution?