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Monitoring Tools

Path Network offers a single platform solution to monitor the availability and performance of your websites, servers or web applications.

Path Solutions

Use Path's globally distributed network of nodes to test infrastructure availability from anywhere in the world as often as you would like.

Uptime Monitoring

Make sure your web service is available anywhere in the world. Know when any portion of your user base, big or small, is having issues reaching your service.

Performance Analytics

Track and analyze your websites load time for better performance. Keep your services speedy and your users happy.

Interaction Testing

Don't miss out on new users or upset existing users due to a missed bug. Test that site interactions such as sign up or check out flows are working as intended.


Never be caught off guard when there's an issue. Receive instant alerts across multiple channels anytime your services are affected.

Route Visualization

See how traffic reaches your service, hop to hop, from anywhere in the world. Gain advanced insight into network outages and route optimization by visualizing node to service paths, packet loss, and latency.

BGP Routing

Oversee routing in and out of a network to quickly identify issues. Was a route change the result of an error or BGP hijack?

Attack Detection & DDoS Identification

Gain external perspective into service's performance during DDoS attacks from data gathered around the globe. See what your end users see during this period.

DNS Auditing

Monitor your DNS servers to check availability, resolution time and record mappings. Ensure your domains are taking your users to the right place.

Benefits of using paths Monitoring Services

Path is bringing massive global efficiency to deficiencies in regional monitoring coverage not currently addressed by any network monitoring service providers. By using mobile devices to cover each ISP and CSP, Path Network can get to a level of network analysis insight never previously obtainable. Path will offer high resolution uptime monitoring, custom protocol queries, last-mile route analysis, SLA enforcement, Net-Neutrality checks, anycast optimization and a host of other services that will be built on top of the expandable platform. No companies using standard technology protocols are able to perform services of this nature at this capacity.