Path: Revolutionizing Network Performance Monitoring With Blockchain Technology

Gain instant and detailed intelligence in real-time all the time

Path is redefining internet visibility with blockchain technology and smart contracts. Our powerful analytics tools combined with our end-user network model offers businesses unprecedented coverage, access, and network visibility. You’ve never seen network performance monitoring like this before.

In a business landscape where traditional monitoring services are incapable of keeping up with the natural growth of the internet and computer networks (in both size and complexity), our user-powered monitoring nodes are revolutionizing the way networks are monitored and diagnosed.

Unparalleled insight gives your company the ability to diagnose and proactively assess its network stability and performance. In a world where user experience is paramount, the Path network will soon be invaluable to companies of all sizes.

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Blockchain Network Performance Monitoring: a New Kind of Service Model

As companies grow, their networks expand to accomodate an ever increasing number of employees, services, and locations. Dynamic, fluid, distributed—the networks of today are nothing like the networks of the recent past. And neither are the demands of web users.

Rather than the simple routine checks of the past, companies have to rely on increasingly complex monitoring software offered by companies who go to great lengths to obfuscate the truth.

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Path is changing everything

Imagine, rather than data centers, in-house teams, and confusing, cumbersome software, a network of millions of independent nodes available on-demand to perform a variety of tasks with no extra burden on your internal resources. That’s the power of Path. Globally-distributed, flexible, and powered by our cryptocurrency token, the Path network provides unprecedented service, convenience, and visibility.

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Forget the Software

The network performance monitoring software market is growing more complex and expensive by the day. Each program comes complete with a range of features that are not only infinitely complex to understand but may become obsolete to you in the near future. Rather than purchasing software, making a long-term commitment, and taking the time to train a team in a program that will be obsolete in a year, Path is a self-sustaining ecosystem that you can tap into at will.

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Save Time and Money

Businesses are spending more time ensuring the health and availability of their network’s than ever before. And for good reason. Poor performance or extended downtimes can destroy a reputation and send users to a competitor. But at what point do the costs outweigh the benefits? Path is of no burden to your team, internal resources, or data centers. The time and money saved can be poured back into where it belongs: your company.

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Improve Your User Experience

Path’s proactive monitoring services ensure that you know exactly what is happening at all times. We leverage our global network to provide real-time insight into your network’s performance. Our network monitoring services combined with real-time analytics let you know exactly how your user experiences your site, giving you invaluable insight so you can improve your UX.

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Monitor from Anywhere at Any Time

Rather than relying on software running on your systems, your company benefits from the millions of dispersed Path nodes running 24/7 everywhere in the world. Now, you can monitor as few or as many components of your network whenever you wish on-demand.

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Know About Outages Before Your Users

You will be quickly alerted to a problem and given a roadmap to fixing the issue instantly. Path lets you identify the problem and show you who to contact to get things back running smoothly.

Path Network Monitoring Solutions

Path’s revolutionary technology and end-user business model will give user’s an unprecedented level of flexibility, security, and insight into their networks. Our core services of uptime and network monitoring will soon expand, with newer, more detailed services being added as we ambitiously expand. As of now, users may login to their Path Panel (covered later) and request:

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Path Visibility Services

Traditional tools limit visibility into the most important responsibility your network has: delivering services to your users. Path’s global network allows for complete visibility into your network from one easy-to-access location. Complete, hop-to-hop analysis lets you peer into critical network paths and get to the root of the problem instantly. Whether on-site, cloud, or hybrid, Path offers IT solutions for any network.

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BGP Routing:

BGP routing is one of the most difficult network protocols to maintain, but it’s advantages are numerous. Path allows you to oversee routing into and out of your network with complete 360-degree visibility. Check consumption, traffic, errors, and more with complete fluidity.

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Monitor Your SLA’s:

Companies can ensure their internet service providers are adhering to their SLA’s with actionable data fetched in real-time. If you want to ensure optimal service delivery, monitoring every contract is a must. But it’s simply not feasible in-house if you’re a growing company.

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CDN Monitoring:

Your content delivery service is vital to your success. Distributing services spatially according to users allows for precision content delivery at a high level. But if you don’t ensure your network is performing optimally, you run the risk of decreasing network performance. With Path, you can monitor your CDN from the end-user to your network’s edge.

The Path Network: How Does it Work?

Path is a next generation network delivering unrivaled monitoring services through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts. By transforming the business model as its currently practiced, we are leading the internet intelligence sector into a new era.

Path functions much like the traditional networks you are familiar with just a few key differences

It is a network that consists of monitoring nodes, but instead of data centers spread out in several locations across the world, Path functions on the end-user level. Anyone with a smartphone or computer (and some spare computational power of bandwidth) can become a node in our global network. Rather than functioning at the data center level, we have taken away the need for a middleman and connected monitoring directly with those in need of services.

The Path Token

Our Path token, known as PATH, is the cryptocurrency that the entire ecosystem functions on. It will be used to both pay for services and reward operators for completing tasks. Only a finite amount will be created as to not dilute their value. The majority of the tokens will go to operators for completing tasks with a small portion being returned to the company for maintenance and development.

You must have PATH to request services. If you do not, you must deposit PATH into your account before requesting.

The Process

Path Monitoring Nodes are Created: Users first download our Path browser plugin or our mobile application (Android or iOS). This turns their device into a node in the Path network. Our lightweight, transparent clients are utilized at the user’s discretion to perform tasks when requested. Essentially, users are “renting out” their device’s spare computational power to be used on-demand for clients requesting services.

Clients Request Services: Users login to the Path Panel (the central node of the network) and request network performance monitoring services. Nodes are then chosen based on a number of factors.

Data is Returned: The monitoring nodes perform their tasks and then return the data for client viewing.

Nodes are Rewarded PATH: PATH tokens are awarded to the nodes based on a number of factors including location, number of nodes, and complexity of the task at hand.

This entire process happens instantaneously, automatically, and without added burden to your system.

Why Use the Path Network Over In-House Software?

Our globally-distributed, user-powered blockchain network offers businesses of all sizes advantages that traditional software providers can’t compete with. In this new era of visibility, there are no boundaries.

End-to-end visibility: In the world of computer networking, visibility is a major challenge. The complexity and diversity of today’s networks makes it even more difficult to detect vulnerabilities, identify errors, and examine the pathway of data. With Path, there is complete end-to-end visibility of your network at your fingertips.

Unprecedented coverage: Path utilizes the power of millions of disparate nodes all around the world to carry out tasks at will. Rather than relying on your software provider’s limited network of physical locations, there are no limits to Path. Imagine the power of visibility without boundaries.

Scale at your pace: Unlike software that comes in bundles for a fixed price, Path is available on-demand. You purchase the services you need when you need them. You can invest as much as you’d like without needing to spare major capital to purchase a cumbersome piece of software. Path is perfect for small businesses and startups that need network performance monitoring services but don’t necessarily have the funds to make it happen.

Built-in redundancy: With millions of nodes in our network, there are no central points of failure. The Path network is extremely resilient, capable of adapting to whatever circumstances we need them to. You won’t have to worry about degraded software performance, outages, or any of the other issues the traditional model so frequently comes with.

The Path Team: Qualified. Ambitious. Unique

Path is redefining the internet intelligence industry by revolutionizing visibility, coverage, and payment. Our success is due to the diverse team of experts that have made it their dream to achieve Path’s ambitious goals.

Our revolutionary network performance monitoring services are the culmination of countless hours of work from a team consisting of serial entrepreneurs, security experts, cryptocurrency veterans, dedicated engineers, and marketing consultants.

This team has worked tirelessly to catapult what was once a fragile dream into a commercially viable product capable of changing performance monitoring as we know it.

We are unique in that, as a company we have dedicated 30% of all funds to internal development. The only thing greater than our goals is our will to achieve them.

Within a few short months, we will expand our uptime, performance, and network monitoring services to new heights of flexibility and performance.

In this business, performance equals revenue, and the majority of Path’s competitors are falling behind the times. The market for monitoring services contains a few very large competitors, and they are all failing to grow their services as the demands of their clientele expand in breadth and complexity.

Investing 30% of our funds into development allows us to stay ahead of the curve.

Why our competitor’s business models are limited:

  • They build their own extensive and expensive monitoring infrastructures, which confines their visibility because they are limited to hosting at data centers
  • Their services are expensive in comparison to Path
  • Services are often run on peer-to-peer VPNs, opening customers up to a number of complications
  • Only one company is collecting data from home and mobile IP’s, but their services are extremely expensive

Path is ahead of the entire industry in quality of service due to a number of factors. The advantages of our business model allow our clients to reap benefits and offer better services to their end-user.

As soon as we complete Phase 2 of our development, Path will be even more commercially viable with an extended list of services. From there, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

Are You Ready to Join the Network Performance Monitoring Revolution?

Path is nothing like any software you’ve experienced. The number of issues, prohibitive costs, and extensive limitations on the traditional business model leave companies with little room to grow and no chance to keep up with the pace of the natural growth of the internet.

Join us as we usher in a new era of global coverage, end-to-end visibility, and infinitely flexible services to help you peer deeper into your network than ever before. For companies that rely on ever expanding networks, Path is the next logical step to your monitoring services.

Endlessly scalable, available on demand, and at prices once thought imaginable, Path is truly the evolution of internet intelligence.

Install the Path Panel, login, and deposit PATH to begin your company’s journey into a new era of visibility.