Blockchain Network Security Monitoring

Make your company’s system impenetrable with blockchain DDoS monitoring

"The average cost of a cyberattack is $1.6 million dollars, with the most costly being DDoS attacks" In a world where cyber threats such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are increasingly, common, powerful, and costly, traditional cybersecurity monitoring systems are becoming obsolete. It’s unrealistic to expect traditional enterprise monitoring software to effectively examine the integrity of your security network, and manually assessing network performance is impossible at the scale of modern-day business.

Path is the new network security monitoring solution to this growing threat. Instead of static software offered by companies limited to physical boundaries, Path is a truly global network without boundaries or limitations. Infinitely scalable, accessible, and powerful, companies that harness the power of Path’s network monitoring nodes can more effectively identify threats, weaknesses in their armor, and the strategies necessary to mitigate disaster.

With Path, your company can become impenetrable.

The Path Network: Redefining Network Security System Visibility

Modern business are agile, flexible, and spread out across the globe. So why is it that so many still rely on outdated technology that isn’t capable of effectively identifying threats and evaluating the strength of their security network?

Today more than ever, your company is reliant on internet-connected devices, web-based services, and vast swaths of data. There’s only one constant in the growth of your company’s technology use: it’s exposure to threats. Path is redefining the internet intelligence and security monitoring industry through blockchain technology and smart contracts. Our platform is the result of the combination of powerful analytical technology with the flexibility, versatility, and built-in resiliency of a user-powered network. Now, instead of using outdated and limited network monitoring technologies, your business can benefit from the power of Path’s globally connected network of monitoring nodes for on-demand, 24/7 services.

With our detailed analysis of your information security infrastructure, your company can proactively identify and mitigate security threats before they cost you millions.

Path DDoS Monitoring is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

Path functions in much the same way as your traditional company, software, or data center, just with a few key differences.

Blockchain Network

End-User Nodes:

The main difference between Path and other DDoS service providers you’ve had is that we are not a physically-based network. Instead, Path is a group of thousands of single nodes at the end user level interwoven into one supernetwork capable of offering unprecedented coverage and invaluable insight into the performance of your security network. This model frees us of the traditional limitations that limit the quality and accessibility of services you are used to.

Blockchain Network

Monitoring Without Borders:

Path has no limitations. No boundaries. No borders. With thousands of individual nodes or more, our flexibility and coverage dwarf the traditional business model. We have reimagined the entire business model to offer an unprecedented level of coverage, and with it, an unprecedented level of visibility.

Blockchain Network

Endless Scalability:

As you company grows, so does its network of devices, service providers, and partners. Each one is a potential point of attack for cyber criminals. Rather than expensive software acting as a sales tool for "expert analysis", Path is an independent, scalable network security monitoring tool that can grow naturally alongside your IT department

Blockchain Network

Instant Reporting:

The power of the Path network is beyond most software you’ve encountered. Our next-generation, blockchain-powered network is capable of returning invaluable insight into your security network’s status nearly instantly. All of this is reported to you and aggregated in one easy-to-access user panel for instant analysis. With Path by your side, you can stay one step ahead of attackers.

Redefining Network Monitoring Services

Path’s ideal client is a service provider who wants to scale their network security analytics by increasing visibility to analyze network performance and threats. You current threat mitigation tactics are most likely allowing many potential threats to go unnoticed or applying penalties to legitimate traffic.

Path monitors the performance of your security mitigation networks with greater visibility, flexibility, and insight than ever before.

Blockchain Network

Granular Data:

Path’s insight reaches granular levels, with each bit of data returned being down to the lowest level possible. Expert eyes can identify specific devices or centers that are affecting performance and mitigate future threats instantly.

Blockchain Network

Global Visibility:

Rather than hundreds of locations around the world, Path gives you access to thousands of reporting nodes across the globe, helping you achieve an unrivaled level of insight. As each of the nodes actively probes your network, you’ll be able to see deeper into your security systems than ever before.

Blockchain Network

Rich Metrics:

Our data visualization techniques give your company actionable data not just of your networks but of the performance of service providers around the world as well. Graphs, maps, and charts all allow you to identify which parts of your network are under strain.

Blockchain Network

BGP Visualization:

Now you can better understand how traffic is being routed before and after handoffs.

When under a DDoS attack time is of the essence. Using Path, you can customize geography and network-specific alerts so you can monitor your mitigation providers to ensure that the delay doesn’t reach a critical threshold.

The outside perspective gained of your system’s performance when under attack can return invaluable insight to help you strengthen your defenses.

Path can also return:

  • Forensic analysis
  • Log analytics
  • Payload and behavior analysis

And this is just the beginning of the power that Path holds.

The Architecture of the Path Network

Instead of the traditional business model with a “middleman” providing services, Path is more like a self-sustaining ecosystem where users trade cryptocurrency for services. To understand how our service functions, you must first understand our cryptocurrency token: PATH.

What is PATH?

The Path token, known as PATH, is a cryptocurrency utility token that forms the foundation of our entire service. It is the currency with which users request DDoS monitoring and network security monitoring services, and the currency with which operator nodes are rewarded for carrying out tasks. In order not to dilute its value, only a finite amount will ever be made to sell off with the remaining being destroyed.

If you wish to request services, you must have PATH in your account. Here’s how the system works:

Path Network

Users become monitoring nodes: Anyone with spare bandwidth or computational power may download Path’s web browser plugin or mobile application (for Android and iOS). This effectively turns their device into a monitoring node. Our lightweight programs are transparent, run automatically, and do not disrupt your daily browsing activities. This in effect allows nodes to earn PATH while browsing or going about their daily phone activities.

Path Network

Clients Request Services:In order to request network security monitoring services, you must login to the Path Panel and deposit PATH tokens. From there, you may then request services.

Path Network

Nodes Carry out Tasks: After you request services, nodes will be selected based on a number of factors. When they carry out the tasks, they will be rewarded with a portion of the PATH that you paid with a small portion being returned to Path Network for maintenance and development.

Path Network

Data is Returned: All data collected during analysis will be aggregated in your Path Panel. Now you will have total 360-degree visibility into your network. Within the Path Panel, you will be able to see your metrics, service provider status, path visualization and more.

How is the Price of Network Security

Monitoring Calculated?

The beauty of the Path network is that there are no prohibitive contracts or limitations. Our goal is not to be a static transfer of services to the client but a symbiotic relationship between users of the Path network. Some users will need services at certain times while others will want to perform those services for a reward, and so the cycle will continue. This means there are no long-term contracts and no cumbersome software installed on your systems.

Prices are not fixed over months or years. Instead, prices are the result of a number of factors including:

The number of available nodes

The complexity of the services requested

The geographic location of services and nodes

And all prices are determined by the market value of PATH. This gives businesses increased flexibility, scalability, and choice when it comes to carrying out services. In a world where cyber criminals are becoming more empowered, businesses must find new and more creative strategies to stay protected.

Path is the next-generation solution to today’s modern security threats.

The Value of Real-Time DDoS Attack Visibility

In the modern business landscape, reliability and availability are equal to profitability. Any time a user as no access to your site, it results in a negative user experience that could have disastrous consequences. Even minor DDoS attacks can cost a small business over $100,000 or more and result in serious negative press.

Regardless of whether you have on-premise, cloud, or hybrid systems, your number one defense in any attack is visibility. The main issue is that most companies aren’t aware that they have a vulnerability until it is too late.

Real-time visibility and intel can save your company from a disastrous attack and give you the information necessary to strengthen your defenses. When an attack strikes, 360-degree visibility can show you a number of important pieces of data:

Attack Visibility
Average availability
Attack Visibility
BGP route visualization
Attack Visibility
Path visualization
Attack Visibility
Weakened nodes

In general, it can also give you a good idea of how your user experience holds up when under attack. This is invaluable insight that gives you a competitive edge.

With this level of visibility, an attack can be identified within minutes and automatically mitigated. In fact, the largest DDoS attack in recent history was mitigated in minutes as soon as the location of the attack was identified. What could easily have been financial disaster turned into a short down time, which could easily have saved the company (a very large web service provider) tens of thousands of dollars.

Path Monitoring Services

Your business is only as strong as your weakest link. And though network security monitoring is a pivotal cog in the wheel, it is only one facet of your company. Path’s goal is to create an all-in-one super network that provides clients all of the uptime and performance monitoring services they need to be successful in the modern business landscape.

Aside from maintaining your network’s security, Path provides clients with:

Path Network

Uptime Monitoring: Availability equals profitability. With Path, you can always be aware of your site’s availability and be alerted in real time when you’re offline.

Path Network

Performance Testing: Your page load time is vital to your bottom line. Even a one second delay can result in visitors bouncing to a competitor. Real-time, on-demand performance testing ensures you are always aware of your end-user’s experience.

Path Network

DNS Monitoring: Comprehensively monitor your site’s DNS infrastructure so you are the first to know when there is an issue. Never let your visitor’s discover issues before you do again.

Path Network

Path Visualization: Hop-to-hop visibility will show in great detail how traffic arrives at your site from anywhere in the world, giving you unprecedented visibility and flexibility in monitoring and optimizing your network.

These are just a few of the services we intend to offer within the coming months, and, as Path draws closer to the completion of Phase 2 of our development, we will be launching new, more effective services for clients. Driven by a team of accomplished, dedicated, and forward-thinking experts in industries ranging from blockchain to performance monitoring to marketing, Path will soon be the world leader in network security monitoring services.

Are you ready to join the network uptime, performance, and network security monitoring revolution? Join the Path network today and witness the power of intelligence unleashed. With the power of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and other built-in advantages of our network, there is no limit to what we can achieve.