Blockchain Network Uptime Monitor: A New Era of Internet Visibility

Path Network is redefining network uptime monitoring services through blockchain technology, smart contracts, and a complete reimagining of the traditional business model. Now, with the help of our worldwide network of monitoring nodes, you can gain unprecedented insight into your site’s availability and performance from anywhere in the world on-demand. Unlike the traditional data center business model, the Path Network has no middleman, no boundaries, and no centralized weak point—with Path Network as your tireless uptime monitor, your business will reap the benefits of limitless uptime monitoring services.

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Path: Intelligence Unleashed

Customers are more demanding than ever. They won’t settle for anything less than personalized services, seamless synthetic interactions, and a flawless user experience. If your site is unavailable for even just a few minutes, you’ll feel the reverberations exponentially.

Path’s uptime monitoring services offer unprecedented 360-degree visibility into your site’s availability, giving you the information you need to outperform your competition and provide a seamless user experience.

But until now, internet visibility has been physically limited. It has been small-scale, slow, and dependent on 3rd-parties to provide services at their discretion.

Not anymore.

Path has unleashed the internet intelligence industry’s full potential through blockchain technology. We have empowered millions of smartphone and computer users around the world with advanced technology to create a global network that functions at the end-user level. Instead of relying on middlemen and their services, anyone can become a node in the network and be available to perform monitoring tasks on-demand.

Now, there are no boundaries, no data centers, and no limits. The internet visibility revolution has created unprecedented global coverage that will deliver deeper insight and more comprehensive analytics.

How Does the Path Network Function?

Path functions similarly to traditional networks in that it is a network of monitoring nodes each capable of carrying out tasks of varying complexity. The difference is that Path functions at the end-user level rather than at the data center one.

Path is a distributed network of independent monitoring nodes functioning on user’s devices and connected via a browser plugin or application.

Here’s is a basic overview:

Path Monitoring Nodes:Anyone with a computer or smartphone can download our lightweight, fully transparent browser plugin or mobile application. This turns their device into a node within our network. Now, they are available to perform tasks at their discretion.

Monitoring Services Are Requested:Users of the network may now request uptime or other performance monitoring services using the PATH token (explained further down), and a node or group of nodes is selected based on a number of factors including location, complexity, and availability.

Nodes Carry out Tasks: Nodes are rewarded in PATH tokens via smart contracts for carrying out their tasks. They then return the results to the client for viewing.

Functioning at the end-user level creates a number of advantages.

Global Coverage: Path’s blockchain-powered network does away with the need for data centers. Imagine, instead of the 50-60 nodes in a monitoring network, your company reaping the benefits of MILLIONS of nodes all around the world available at all times.

End-to-End Visibility:By using the Path Panel, the entire process is visible from start to finish and is easily managed by all users within the network. Smart contracts govern each interaction, are automatically enforced, and are non-reversible.

An unprecedented number of monitoring locations: A major factor in the pricing of services is the location of monitoring nodes. With an unprecedented number of nodes available, client’s requesting services will benefit exponentially.

The Path Token

Users will request uptime and performance monitoring services and pay using the Path token or “PATH”. This is also the token with which monitoring nodes will be rewarded. A fixed amount will be created as to not dilute their value. This process is detailed more in the white paper on Path.Network.

Any and all future services will be paid for by using PATH. Users renting out their spare bandwidth and computational space will be rewarded for their network support. The vast majority of the token fees will go to operators as a reward with a smaller percentage returned for maintenance, salary, and development.

30% of all funds are dedicated to internal development alone.

Rather than the simple routine checks of the past, companies have to rely on increasingly complex monitoring software offered by companies who go to great lengths to obfuscate the truth.

Your Site’s Tireless Network Uptime Monitor: Gain Insight. Make Intelligent Decisions

Path’s network uptime monitoring services will allow you to peer deeper into your website’s availability and network performance than ever before. As networks continue to expand in size and complexity, manually monitoring them is no longer feasible or desirable.

With more information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make intelligent decisions and outsmart your competition. Once you log in to the Path Panel (the area where data is aggregated and you request services), you’ll be able to see vast swaths of data related to your site’s performance.

Path delivers services that traditional companies aren’t physically capable of competing with:

Instant Uptime Monitoring: If you think 50 nodes are fast, try millions. With our network, you can feasibly have results in less than a minute. Never let downtime get in your business’ way. The more you learn about your network’s performance, the better prepared you can be for the future.

Reliable Alerts: If your site has gone off the grid, you will be alerted. Our system is designed to filter out false alarms so you never waste your time on a wild goose chase.

In-Depth Analysis: Our services are far more than the average "ping" and alert you might be used to. Path monitoring nodes return invaluable insight into root causes, error times, and downtime/uptime sessions using visual graphs and other hard data. Getting to the root of the problem will help you resolve the issue and prevent any future occurrences.

Improve Your Internal Processes: Path’s network uptime monitoring services improve your internal processes by taking the burden off of your in-house team and placing it on our network. Moreover, with more reliable and comprehensive information, your team can focus on taking only the steps most crucial to your long-term success.

Path is Unlike Any Monitoring Service You’ve Used Before

Aside from the PATH token, which is obviously uncharted territory for all, the Path Network has totally redefined the internet visibility sector. Whereas the traditional model could cause an endless list of issues and restrictions, Path is limitless.

Common issues that Path puts an end to:


Small Teams

Whether you keep your monitoring in-house or outsource to a provider, you are limited to the teams you employ. With Path, there are no teams—only nodes in our network. Anyone on Earth with spare bandwidth can join. Imagine the flexibility and power of a limitless network.


Integration Issues

The best uptime service providers will allow you to integrate seamlessly with Slack, Boxcar, or whichever software you’re using. But Path doesn’t even need integration. It works right from your browser or phone and everything is controlled via the Path Panel.


Upfront Investment

Path’s services are not free, but you pay in PATH as you order services, not by the month or year. With the Path Network, there are no service contracts or monthly recurring fees or retainers. You decide what to pay and when. Not only does it save you money, it doesn’t eat into your capital either.


Infinitely Scalable

If you are as ambitious as we are, your business won’t stay the same size for very long. Path’s services are without boundaries, making us infinitely scalable. So whether you need a simple uptime check or comprehensive synthetic performance monitoring, you can grow at your own pace without the pressure of contracts or service limits.

How to Access the Path Network

The architecture of the Path Network is designed to be lightweight and transparent. In just a few easy steps, anyone can turn their phone or computer into a node capable of automatically earning themselves PATH tokens or a center for requesting a range of various monitoring tasks.

Access the Path Network

The Path Panel

This is the brain of the Path central nervous system. This is where you request services. You must start by depositing tokens. As soon as you login, you can begin exchanging tokens for services and viewing your data.

Access the Path Network

Path Browser Plugins

This transparent, non-intrusive, and lightweight plugin is accessible via the Chrome browser and allows users to earn PATH while they surf. The entire process is automatic and occurs instantaneously. The browser plugin runs in the background at the user’s discretion with no interruption to their typical browsing activity.

Access the Path Network

Path Mobile Apps

Users of Android or iOS (coming soon) can download our lightweight application to check their monitoring services. They may also have it run in the background so they may earn PATH.

More than Network Uptime Monitoring

Path offers a continually expanding list of visibility and performance monitoring solutions. As the company grows, our list will become more comprehensive. Using PATH, you can request:

Page Speed Monitoring: Gain insight into your site’s load times so you can offer the ultimate user experience. Every second counts when it comes to loading times. Even a microscopic delay can cost you major business. When every second counts, you need to be sure yours is running at peak performance. With our global network, your results will be returned at lightning speed so you can take actionable steps to improving your website.

DDoS Attack Monitoring: A single DDoS attack can ruin a company’s reputation and entire fiscal year. With our monitoring services, you will be able to visualize how your site performs when under attack. With insight from the Path Network, you’ll be able to minimize the harmful downsides of an assault on your network.

Path Visualization: Visualize the path by which traffic arrives at your site from anywhere in the world.

Synthetic Interaction Testing: Synthetic interactions form the backbone of every business. It’s you customer’s experience that ultimately decides whether or not they do business with you. Now you can monitor your signup or checkout flows as well as any other synthetic user interaction, helping optimize your sales funnel and UX for maximum results.

Routing Error Monitoring: Routing issues can completely throw a business off for days, weeks, or more. Even with redundancy in your network, any errors that cause downtimes can result in a massive hit to your bottom line. With Path, we can stay on top of your network’s routing protocol and ensure you know before anything disastrous happens.

How Much do Our Network Uptime Monitoring Services Cost?

The beauty of the Path Network is that there are no fixed prices. No retainers. No strict contractions.

Our prices are not affected by the outside world. Path is an ecosystem functioning on the Path Token, with prices varying based on a number of factors.

As a user, this gives your business far greater flexibility than traditional services. Factors affectings price include:

  • The number of nodes
  • The location of nodes
  • Services requested
  • Current value of PATH

This is by no means an exhaustive list. With no middleman, there is no markup. We do not estimate a price and add our agency’s fees on top. The price for Path to be your network uptime monitor is created by an algorithm. You pay no fees on top of the real-time price of the service.

While it’s not possible to put a concrete price on the cost of uptime monitoring, the relative simplicity of the service means it will be more affordable than other, more complex services. Our end-user business model also ensures cheaper prices than most major monitoring service companies.

Path is redefining internet visibility via tireless uptime monitoring services. With real-time pricing, instant services, and on-demand availability, we allow businesses more advantages than ever before. With our data, you can gain 360-degree insight into how your network functions and analyze valuable data to help you outsmart the competition.

As a network uptime monitor, Path’s potential is limitless. Install the Path client on your phone or computer today, access the Path Panel, and usher in a new era of visibility services.