Path Browser Plugins:
generate Path tokens as you surf the web

Path Network is revolutionizing internet visibility through blockchain technology and smart contracts. And at the center of this revolution is our lightweight, transparent, non-resource impacting Path browser plugin. Now, users can generate PATH tokens as they surf the web by completing simple monitoring tasks.

Our Goal

Path’s goal is to harness the power of unused bandwidth and computational power to create an unrivaled global network of service providers for clients in need of uptime and performance monitoring services. Eventually, after future phases of development, we envision a world in which millions of Path nodes operate in unison to offer unprecedented visibility into the internet.

The Path browser plugin is a lightweight, transparent, and powerful tool that lets you earn valuable PATH tokens while you sit and surf the web. Why let that unused bandwidth go to waste? Harness its power by downloading the plugin now and join the performance monitoring revolution.

Note for clients: If you wish to request services, you need only access the panel, sign up, deposit PATH tokens into your account, and then create jobs.