The Path Mobile App:
Earn Path Tokens from Your Phone

Path Network is revolutionizing the internet intelligence industry by turning excess bandwidth into a tool for creating a global network of

internet monitoring nodes. Now, anyone in the world with a smartphone can download the Path mobile app and instantly have access to our

revolutionary monitoring services. By downloading our application, you turn your phone into a node in our global network and can earn PATH

tokens while going about your daily business.

What is the Path mobile app?

At Path Network, our goal is to create a network of internet monitoring nodes that functions at the end-user level. Rather than centralizing nodes in a datacenter, our technology turns phones and computers into individual monitoring nodes, each one capable of either carrying out tasks themselves or functioning as part of a larger group to carry out more complex tasks.

At the center of this internet monitoring revolution is the Path mobile application. Our app is both lightweight and powerful, capable of performing multiple functions without burdening your storage or performance.

It allows you to:

For clients:

As a client of Path’s monitoring services, you can log in and check your statistics (for example, to view uptime statistics) or deposit PATH tokens to pay for services.

As a node:

As a node, you can set your application to run in the background so that you earn PATH tokens throughout your day.

Blockchain Network

Path puts the user in control

Unlike most applications, ours is not a burden or intrusive. We believe in a user-powered global network, with our nodes individually benefiting both clients and owners of the phones.

Blockchain Network


Our app is not malicious nor do we do anything you aren’t totally aware of. The app exists solely to earn you PATH tokens and allows you to check your statistics.

Blockchain Network

You control everything

You control whether or not the app runs in the background. If you don’t want it using your excess bandwidth, you can disable it.

You may also choose which tasks you’d like to run and how often.

Blockchain Network

Opt-in to contribute to the monitoring service

As our services mature, more opportunities will open up for individuals to contribute to the Path global monitoring network.

What is the Path Network?

The Path mobile app turns your phone into a node in the worldwide Path network, opening up a new realm of possibilities to online businesses and individuals.

Path is redefining network monitoring services via blockchain technology in ways we once only dreamed.

The technology is advanced, but the concept is simple: individual nodes within the network will be assigned internet monitoring tasks (for example, checking to make sure a website is up and running). In exchange for these tasks, they will be rewarded with PATH tokens. User-powered monitoring nodes functioning on blockchain tech and smart contracts will offer unprecedented visibility and flexibility to clients while returning valuable insight to the global community as to how the internet functions as a whole.

Here’s how the process works:

process work
End-Users Become Nodes

A user downloads an Android application, browser plugin or, in the future, an iOS mobile app. These transparent, non-resource impacting apps turn your phone or computer into a node in the network.

process work
Each node performs tasks

Clients request services via the Path Panel (for example uptime monitoring or DDoS attack monitoring). From there, nodes are assigned tasks based on the user’s set preferences, node location, and number of available nodes.

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Nodes are rewarded tokens

Based on the number and complexity of tasks completed, the nodes are rewarded tokens once the task is completed and information is returned for the client’s viewing.

It’s actually quite simple.

Path Monitoring Services:

the internet monitoring revolution

The million of nodes that make up the Path network will revolutionize the way we monitor and analyze the web. By creating a decentralized

network of individual nodes rather than data centers, we can offer unprecedented flexibility, coverage, and affordability.

process work
A wider variety of gathering points

This allows us to function more efficiently than traditional data centers while also affording more flexibility.

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End-to-end visibility:

The client and the node are always aware of exactly what is happening unlike the traditional model where the datacenter is in control of the information. Anyone can verify the blockchain.

process work
More nodes than ever before

It’s conceivable that the Path network will eventually consist of millions of nodes.

How is payment awarded?

If you choose to become a monitoring node, you will be rewarded for performing tasks via the Path mobile app. PATH tokens will be rewarded based on a number of facts, the most important being the task performed.

Payment is awarded in PATH tokens after the node successfully completes the task and submits the information to the client (this process is done instantly and without hindering your performance).

The value of each task is based on the current market value of the PATH token and will be rewarded after every 250,000th task. Awarding PATH in large blocks ensures that transaction fees do not become burdensome and take away from the node’s profits.

The Sky's the Limit for the Path Network

Although we are still in our early phases, our development plan lays out our ambitious drive to achieve our goals

We will dedicate 30% of revenue to our core development, including plans to develop an iOS application and eventually expand on our current service capabilities. Our current team is comprised of ambitious crypto professionals with a proven track record of developing applications and providing business solutions to companies of all sizes.

We have already dedicated the largest portion of our funds to core development, including:

End-user applications

The node network

The Path Panel

Analytics reporting

Our smart contract system

The Path mobile app gives smartphone owners the ability to both become a node and a client of the Path network. Join the uptime and performance monitoring

revolution by downloading our lightweight, fully transparent application today. Eventually, the worldwide network of nodes will offer instant and high-quality

monitoring services unlike any prior network. With the plurality of funds dedicated to internal development, there is no limit to what Path can achieve.