Path Performance Monitoring:
Redefining Internet Visibility Through Blockchain Technology

The Path Network is revolutionizing the internet uptime and performance monitoring industry via powerful blockchain technology and smart contracts. By turning end-users into individual nodes of an interconnected global super network, we are breaking the industry free of data center walls. Together, Path and the millions of nodes in our network will offer an unprecedented level of convenience, flexibility, and visibility to clients around the world at prices once thought impossible. Path performance monitoring is already changing the industry as we know it.


Instead of hiring a traditional service provider and doing business on their terms, you could instantly connect yourself to a 24/7 global network of tireless monitoring nodes and pay them to carry out an array of tasks on-demand. The entire process is instant, automated, and 100% secure.

That’s the reality of Path performance monitoring.

The concept is simple—

Online businesses are in constant need of performance monitoring services to ensure that they are providing the highest level of service to their clients (and that they are optimizing their businesses to make sales).

Using the Path Network, clients may trade PATH tokens for monitoring services. The nodes perform the tasks and return information, and from there the nodes are rewarded with PATH tokens.

The Path Process

  • Clients log in to their Path Panel
  • They choose their service(s) (our list of services will expand in the coming months)
  • They either deposit tokens or use their current balance to pay for services
  • The nodes carry out the services based on a number of factors including location, difficulty of the task(s), and availability
  • The nodes are rewarded in PATH tokens
  • The information is returned for the client’s viewing
The combination of powerful analytics tools combined with the flexibility of the Path monitoring nodes is creating a user-powered network that is redefining how the internet is monitored. The sky's the limit to what we can achieve.

Path Monitoring Services

Each of our services is more flexible, transparent, and efficient than previous methods. With more than 30% of our funds dedicated to internal development, this list will soon expand to be more comprehensive.

Clients using the Path Network will have access to:

Uptime Monitoring:

Competition for internet businesses is fierce. Without a smoothly functioning website, a business loses out on an opportunity to convert a lifelong customer. Round the clock uptime monitoring services allow you to check that your site is up and running and receive instant feedback. Should anything go wrong, you will be INSTANTLY notified. With Path, you can test your infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

Page Speed Monitoring:

A single second delay in loading times can drastically affect your bottom line. When every second counts, you need to be sure yours is running at peak performance. Test your page speed from anywhere in the world instantly and analyze detailed feedback so you can take actionable steps toward improvement.

DDoS Attack Monitoring:

A single DDoS attack can ruin a company’s reputation and entire fiscal year. Gain perspective on your site’s performance during DDoS attacks and plan for the future so it never happens again

Path Visualization:

Visualize the path by which traffic arrives at your site from anywhere in the world.

Synthetic Interaction Testing:

Your business is the product of thousands of synthetic microinteractions with your customer. Now you can now monitor your signup or checkout flows as well as any other synthetic user interaction process to ensure that your site is optimized to attract, convert, and retain your ideal customer.

Routing Error Monitoring:

All businesses depend on routing protocols to deliver information. A routing issue that lasts even for a few seconds could have disastrous business consequences. Use Paths’ monitoring services to check for BGP hijacking, route changes, and other errors instantly.

The PATH Token

Our entire network operates using the PATH token, a cryptocurrency with a fixed supply.

The currency is the key component of the entire network since it will be used by uptime and Path performance monitoring services. It is also the currency in which operator nodes will be rewarded for the completion of tasks.

A portion of each transaction fee will be kept for internal development and support, with the vast majority going to the monitoring nodes for the completion of tasks. All fees within the Path Network will be denominated in PATH, and the value of the token will fluctuate in accordance to supply and demand.

How are PATH Token Prices Calculated?

As mentioned, each of our monitoring services will be denominated in PATH tokens. These prices will be subject to fluctuation based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are somewhat volatile while others are more or less fixed. Costs may vary based on:

As mentioned, each of our monitoring services will be denominated in PATH tokens. These prices will be subject to fluctuation based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are somewhat volatile while others are more or less fixed. Costs may vary based on:

Blockchain Network

The current market value of the token (I.E, supply and demand)

Blockchain Network

The complexity of the services requested (for example, uptime monitoring may be very inexpensive whereas synthetic interaction testing may not)

Blockchain Network

How often the service is requested

Blockchain Network

How many locations/nodes are being used

On the other end, the reward for completion of the tasks requested is similarly volatile. Each task will be rewarded based on certain factors such as:

Blockchain Network

The complexity of the completed task

Blockchain Network

The location of the node

Blockchain Network

The frequency of the node’s availability

Our Goal

The goal of Path’s monitoring services is to harness the power of unused bandwidth and computational power to create an unrivaled global network of service providers for clients in need of uptime and other monitoring services. In the future, we hope to have millions of individual nodes with each one carrying out a range of tasks.

With blockchain technology and smart contracts powered by a stable and affordable token, there is no limit to what we can achieve. The only thing larger than the potential of the Path network is our ambition to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

If you wish to request services, you need only access the panel, sign up, deposit PATH tokens into your account, and then create jobs. Join Path and be a part of the web performance monitoring revolution.