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Security Team

Our security team strides to be miles ahead of the pack.

We have worked for consultancies of varying sizes both small and large and intimately know the ins and outs of how certain firms approach security consulting, and we have what it takes to be better.

Handpicked Team

Having either worked together or contributed towards projects for many years, our founding members handpicked some of the worlds greatest security professionals due to their continued excellence within the information security field.

We are cyber security professionals that have contributed towards various security whitepapers, security research, security tooling, security conferences etc, and are deeply immersed within the security space.

Customer First

We thoroughly understand vulnerability testing and bug bounties, and have adopted a customer-focused consultative approach to identifying and helping customers to resolve issues through unrivaled levels of assurance and years of experience.

Cost Effective

CEOs, CIOs, CISOs and so forth now know that the hundreds if not millions of dollars saved compared to day rates spent on security consulting services is worthwhile, however, if you have been stung in the past by a "Penetration Testing" company that simply gives you a Nessus report you might be wondering if that was worth your money.

The answer is in the difference and quality of work that we provide.


Red Team Engagements

Our cyber security professionals will challenge your organization's security posture, whilst assuming the roles of malicious actors / adversaries and employing strategic, out of the box tactics that your security team may not have thought of - but you can be certain that your adversaries have. We can facilitate both Wargame styled engagements (Blue vs Red) and perform purely Blackbox styled engagements.


Penetration Testing & Web Application Security

We offer both internal and external penetration testing as well as blackbox, whitebox, crystal box, magic box testing.

Keep up to date with our latest security research, whitepapers and vulnerability findings!